Monday, 21 March 2011


So I was much more productive today :) which is goos as I was starting to feel like a bad housewife.

3 loads of laundry, two loves of fresh baked bread, cleaned the kitchen twice (once pre-bread making, once post), went to the store, gave Milo (our pup) a bath, made soup, did dishes, and made a pasta bake along with garlic bread from the fresh baked bread :) Now Bran and I are both set for lunch tomorrow, which for some reason always makes me happy.

Some yummy home made bread

So have I mentioned i'm trying to keep this updated daily? It's a goal of mine to update it for a year. So i'm sorry if it's a bit on the boring side. I'll try and get a nice picture of the soup tomorrow. Here is the recipe I used for the bread, it's a great base recipe. It's the My Daily Bread  recipe from The Fresh Loaf. I <3 that website, I also get my banana bread recipes from there. Such beautiful pictures too! Maybe someday I will be able to take pretty food pictures as well :).

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