Monday, 28 March 2011

my brudda and sloppy lentils

Sometimes I really feel like I want to be back in the USA. This is mostly when I've talked to someone there and something was wrong, or there was big news, or if I'm having problems with my husband. It's been a bit hard being away from all of my family and friends, as much as I think I'm a friendly person, I am somewhat shy. It's been a struggle to meet people. Which brings me to one topic right now, my brother and his girlfriend Keri will hopefully be visiting soon :). Soon being in July, but it would be so wonderful to see them! I've spent a chunk of the day looking up things to do and getting some prices for hotels and such in Sydney (where they would likely fly into).  I'm really hoping they make it down here.

On a different note, I made sloppy lentils the other day. They are like sloppy joes, but with lentils instead of meat. They turned out alright, but a bit sweet. Bran and I had the mix on baked potatoes last night and I had some for lunch today. I used the recipe at Passionate Homemaking. I think I would prefer just making chili, but it was fun to do something different :). I've also been eating eggs again. I had an egg just about every day for breakfast for a few months, but then I went really off of them for no particular reason. I couldn't even stand things that were too 'eggy' like cookies or such. But for the past two days I've had a hard boiled egg in the morning o.O. Maybe I haven't been getting enough protein? Ooorrr...iron? Is there a lot of iron in eggs? It must have some as it's an animal product...

Well, with that I'm off to bed. Bye bye :)

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