Thursday, 24 March 2011

Of rice and muffins

Bran was home sick today :(. Although thankfully he wasn't so much icky sick as tired sick. We were finally able to get Milo some food that he hopefully won't be allergic to, it is a super-good-quality food made from mostly chicken and rice (along with veggies and oats and such) but it does NOT have wheat or corn or other meats in it. So here is to hoping!

I also had rice for dinner. You know sometimes you just want something basic and yummy? Well I really just wanted white rice with a bit of butter. So that is what I had :). Reminds me of living back with my parents. Whenever we had rice, if it wasn't a packet mix, it was rice with butter. Not to knock packet mixes, they are delicious if not full of weird stuff. Usually we have brown rice, but I can't find organic brown rice in the store, so we got organic white rice. It isn't as healthy, but sometimes you have what you have. I ate my buttered white rice out of my special rice bowl and with chopsticks. Despite it not being the correct type of rice and all >.> and it being buttered and salted and peppered... I just wanted to feel special.

I did end up making that apple pie, though it was less a pie and more of a galette? A very rustic one! I used the recipe from The Angry Chicken Cheat Sheet which I love. I did add some ground ginger and nutmeg, and left the apple skins on. But other than that I followed the recipe. I really liked the crust especially, though I think next time I'll let the apple mixture sit for a bit so it ends up being a bit more juicy. Does this actually happen or did I make it up? Anyway, it was super yummy and we ate it up before I took a picture.

I also made some chocolate chip muffins today. I used the Betty Crocker sweet muffin recipe (I can't remember where I got it from, but if you google it you can find it). They were alright. I'm not very good at muffins, so the outside always turn out a bit crisp and tough, even if I barely mix it :(. But Bran likes them and that's all that matters.

Well, I'm off to surf the internet until I get sleepy. Bye bye.

p.s. I did get that pickle jar open. It just decided it would yield to me for some reason...

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