Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Of pasta and pies

So one of the most exciting things to happen in the kitchen is when I make pasta bake. But it isn't any old pasta bake! We use mixed pastas! So They are different shapes :) of course you can't really tell with the end result, but I always find it fun mixing up the different remnants of the pasta bags to have this mixed up bit. 
Some mixed up pasta

So I did not do very much today. It got up to 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit) and we don't have air conditioning.  Also our poor little dog had to have a vegetarian dinner of lentils and rice pasta :( we ran out of his special hypoallergenic vet prescribed dog food o.O;. But he seems fine so I'm not too worried. Here is my soup btw. It's based off of a Jamie Oliver recipe for corn chowder. 
Corn chowder and home made bread

I know it looks gross, but it was actually very tasty... I swear!

Tomorrow the plan is to finally make that apple pie I keep meaning to do. I like to use the recipe from the book The New Vegetarian Epicure as a base and add spices and whatnot depending on how I feel. It seems to work out well and Bran likes it so that's what really matters :). I wish the visa people would hurry up and call me :( that's my only real stress at the moment. 

I'll try and write tomorrow morning so I won't be quite as sleepy. Bye bye <3

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