Saturday, 2 April 2011


So remember how I had back pain he other day? Well it turns out on the the discs in my lower back had herniated horribly. Bran brought me to the emergency room on Wednesday morning after finding my right leg numb from the knee down and we spent the day there going between doctors and getting an xray and an MRI. After the MRI (at about 5 pm) the doctors finally got back to us around 7 telling us about how I would need spinal surgery to remove a huge chunk of the disc ASAP. Scary stuff yeah? Especially taking into account I have never had any surgeries or even been in the ER before!

So they ended up doing the surgery at 1 am (the soonest the neurosurgeon could get to me). It's a funny thing being put under anesthetic, you really go right out. I remember waking up in the recovery room where they were putting on teds and these straps on my legs that inflate and help with circulation. Anyway, after that I was in the hospital for two days. Hopefully I will feel a bit better and type more tomorrow. i'm going to try and relax for right now.

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