Thursday, 28 April 2011

Physio part 2

Today was mostly spent resting and waiting to go to the physiotherapist. I haven't been walking as much as I should have, so my back was more sore than it had been in a while. I did call my Father and had a nice chat in between waiting and trying not to move around too much. When I did get to the physio, surprise, she said I need to make sure to be walking. But she didn't seem surprised that I hadn't been over the easter vacation.

Anyway, it turns out my knee is more messed up than previously though. I now have to build on the muscle on my inner thigh by doing squats against a wall. I'm doing this because she thinks the muscles on the outside of my leg are getting too strained and pulling my knee cap out of place o.O.  This of course is more irritated as i'm trying to walk normally (to prevent my hip from tightening up and hurting) but failing because my foot is still dropping. Apparently the muscles in my leg really aren't up to par :( she also said no yoga until I build up more strength. Well, i'm glad to be getting things done at the same time at least! Hopefully i'll be all good come june 10th, when Bob and Keri are coming to visit for 10 days :D.

I also have a mild case of tennis elbow apparently. I'm to stretch my arm a few times a day as well as the leg stretches, foot lifts, wall squats, and exercises I was given at the hospital. I will get better! At least I don't have to worry about going back to work :p.

On another lighter note, Bran and I are back to getting the Foodconnect boxes. Bran brought home a wonderful assortment of colourful fruits and veggies for us to eat this week. I just hope we can get through it all! If not then i'll make some soup from the veggies and maybe a crisp from the fruits :).

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