Saturday, 9 April 2011

Of football and housecleaning

We had company today! Bran's friends came over to watch football and play retro video games. A big part of why they came over was also to drink some home-brewed (sorta) beer that Bran helped make at this micro-brewery place as a team building exercise for work. I wasn't a very good hostess though, as I was laying on the bed being all broken.

I attempted a bit of housework today. I cleaned the sink, and hung up a little (very little) load of laundry (that was already half dry). Bran did all the rest <3 with only a little kibitzing from me. Today was not such a good day pain wise. My leg has felt both more numb and more painful than any other day since the surgery :( part of that might be that I slept on my side a lot last night, another part of that could be that I slept without my brace on. Bad, bad Emma! I'll be sure to be a good little recovering-herniated-disc-surgery-outpatient tonight. I also didn't take panadol right away, which may have also sent things a bit haywire, though i'm not sure how...

Other than that I spent most of the day on the bed watching anime and looking at facebook. Bran made be breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is such a good guy :). Hopefully tomorrow I can go for a little walk outside of the house and maybe cook something yummy. I need to find something to do for this upcoming week, or i'll be soooo bored.

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