Saturday, 16 April 2011

Of losing weight and being crazy

I must lose weight. Not in that 'oh, I need to lose a few pounds to fit into my swimsuit' sort of way. Now, i'm not horribly overweight, i'm not morbidly obese, but I am overweight enough that my poor messed up back will be angrier than if I were lighter. Thus, in order to save myself from further herniated discs I must do what I can. Most importantly, lose weight. :/ Which isn't helped by my craving for chocolate chip cookies. I don't plan to completely overhaul my life about it, but I need to include more exercise and cut my portion sizes I think. Mostly the exercise, but it hopefully will be easier to do now that I will have less pain :), once i'm recovered anyway.

On a different note, I have some kind of skin issue between the middle and ring finger on my left hand. I've had to take off my wedding ring T.T. I actually went to the pharmacist and talked to them and now in addition to my endone, panadol, and inflamac (some kind of pharmacy-only anti-inflammitory) I have a cortisone cream -.-. It did make the rash go down, but I thought cortisone was a steroid and didn't actually adress the underlying problem? Thats what my vet told me when we moved here and we had been using a cortisone cream for Milo. It makes me wish I knew more about natural ways to deal with all this stuff. I mean, there was no choice but to get the surgery, but surely there is a natural way to deal with a little skin infection? Maybe some kind of tea tree oil ointment? Once I become a naturopath I shall know!

Speaking of medicine, i've been trying not to use the endone. Endone is a synthetic morphine, so really it's meant for pretty bad pain. Since I got home i've only been taking it at bed time to make sure I can sleep. When I saw the neurosurgeon he suggested I try to stop using it as it's pretty hard core (I guess? Didn't seem so to me, but I don''t know) so I haven't used it the past two nights, and guess what? I had trouble sleeping. I wasn't in a lot of pain per-se, it was more irritation from my leg/nerve. It just gets uncomfortable, and feels like I want to get up and move around. But of course i'm strapped into a brace and really should be sleeping. So tonight i'm going to take the endone again and see how much of a difference that makes. I really hope this wont become a problem :(.

On a related note, i've been looking for a good physiotherapist in Brisbane. It was suggested to me to see one to work on my numb foot/ strange way of walking with numb foot/ posture/ core strength. They are expensive though :/ but at the same time this isn't somewhere to try and save money either! You want a get a good, experienced person or you may end up worse off. I think i've found one right in the city, they seem to be a reasonable price and on their website it looks like they have dealt with herniated disc people before. I'll give it a go anyway :).

Also, Bob and Keri are going to visit in june!!! So exciting! Bran and I are are a strict budget to save up money to meet with them in Sydney and have a little vacation for three days, then back up to Brisbane where we will play host. They will be here for about 10 days so we have to be good hosts and figure out fun things to do, beyond the obligatory petting a kangaroo and eating timtams. I should be all recovered (mostly at least) by then, so it will be a lot of fun :).

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