Thursday, 7 April 2011

Of staples and recovering

I'm feeling a little bit more down today. The staples in my back are irritating the skin and I somehow managed to get a bruise near them, so that whole area is a bit irritated and painful (not to mention the nerve pain). I miss my family. I don't have any close friends here, so i'm feeling a little bit lonely and home sick. I think what I really want is to talk to my mother, but that is regrettably not possible due to lung cancer taking her away back in 2007. It's times where i'm sick or really wanting advice when I miss her the most.

Beyond the staples and the nerve pain, I think i'm healing up alright. I feel like I have more strength in my right leg and foot, even if it's still partially numb. I have a picture of the risotto I made :)
Butternut pumpkin and cream cheese risotto

I tried to make it look pretty, but it is indeed risotto. Hopefully i'll be feeling a bit more up tomorrow!

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