Thursday, 21 April 2011

Starting posts and fake snow

I never really know how to start these post, ever notice that? Usually I either start with "I" or "So". Hm >.>. Ah well. So how are all of you lovely (2?) readers doing? Hopefully well :). As for myself, i'm doing pretty well considering how I was a week ago. It's really been such an improvement since I started on the anti-inflammitories. I still have a bit of pain in my leg, and some numbness. But it seems less numb? Plus my ankle is stronger than it was for sure. I'm sure to make a full recovery :).

A good chunk of my day today was spent shopping. I went through the two supermarkets at Brookside, and then went to the nearest organic store to compare prices. For the most part the supermarket organic things are less expensive, with the exception of the items available in bulk at the organic store. With that they have very good prices. I've recently started using rapadura, which is unprocessed dehydrated sugar cane juice. As opposed to white sugar which is highly processed and bleached or even raw sugar, which is less processed but still goes through most of it. Or brown sugar, which is actually white sugar with molasses added back in o.O (molasses is a by-product of sugar processing). I also got some organic whole wheat flour for $3.90 a kilo, which is about as inexpensive as i've seen it.

I was able to take a look at my little mini-garden today (we have basil, mint, oregano and some cherry tomato plants :) not much but it's a start). Bran helped me get some steaks on the tomato pot so hopefully they will actually work out!  The basil and mint are doing well enough, except for something is eating the mint o.O I though not many pests liked mint? It's hanging in there though. The basil is going pretty crazy. I've been trying to be all trendy and keep it short and bushy. Boy is it taking off! I'd take pictures but it's dark outside right now. The oregano on the other hand isn't doing much of anything. Maybe it's just a slow growing herb? I wouldn't know. It hasn't died though, so i'm happy.

Bran and I also had an adventure of cleaning out the freezer (of frost, not of food). Our fridge is third hand, and really doesn't work so well. The freezer builds up ice like crazy, but we don't really want to defrost it all the time, so Bran scraped out most of the frost into a bowl. Instead of just dumping it down the sink though, Milo and I went outside and had fun playing with the "snow". Though Milo was mostly just confused as he has never seen snow and is in fact a dog. It was cute anyway :).

I also made some yummy curry (i'll take a pic tomorrow) and made breakfast cake from the Heavenly Homemakers. They have such great, wholesome recipes :). I'm afraid I messed up a bit and it ended up more of a muffin texture than a cake texture, but still yummy.

Well, that's my update for today. I'll try and actually post up some pictures tomorrow for ya <3 byebye.

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