Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Think i'll go for a walk today

It is my goal to walk for an hour every day. Once I am allowed to start running, my new goal will be to run for a half hour straight. Of course, that wont happen right away, but that is my goal. I was able to walk around for the better part of an hour and a half (I did have to take a few little rests) today, which is really good :). Walking is apparently the best thing to do after a microdiscectomy, not to mention of course it's good for your health. The only bad thing is when you are walking around, you may have some random guy in a car stop and say something mean. Which happened. Which made me feel bad :(. But then I came home to my happy puppy, and watched some Dr. Phil, and that helped.

Poor Bran came home sick today as well :(. I think he might have a bit of a head cold maybe, he was very sneezy this morning and had a massive headache when he got home. I hope he feels better soon. He even took medicine! He hates doing that XD.

Beyond that not much has happened. I have an appointment with the physiotherapist tomorrow, so i'll report on that then.

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