Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Apple Pie in the Sky

Hands and wrist were sore today, along with the typical R knee (went out twice today, twice!) and oddly my L knee is sore as well. Maybe from the strengthening exercises? I sure hope so >.>.

I've been missing my family today. It's always stressful for me here around holidays. I wish I could be back with my family in the USA watching the lil'ons find easter eggs and doing egg bowling :). It'll likely be just Bran and myself here for easter. Maybe i'll finally attempt to make hot cross buns.

On the other hand I did make a nice deep dish apple pie for my poor stressed out hubby <3. Made with tender lover and lots of spices, yum! I do enjoy making apple pies, other than the chopping part. I had fun making a yogurt pie crust as well. A bit different, but still nice. I'm not exactly the best pastry chef >.> but I do my best. Still came out yummy and made my husband smile.

1 comment:

  1. I can imagine how big homesickness must feel sometimes. I hope your knee pain is indeed from strengthening your muscles and not joints- I have a hard time recognizing that sometimes too.
    You made me miss apple pie ;)