Friday, 6 April 2012

Holiday Blues

Tired today. Slept for 10 hours and had an hour and a half nap. Now i'm tired again at 9. Blah, not a fan of flares. Hands, wrists, and feet still acting up. I did have a nice day at home with the family though :). Ate lots of chocolate, had yummy pizza, and watched movies with Bran. I finally saw the movie 300. It was alright, not really my cup of tea but I can appreciate the nice scenery and lighting effects.

I'm still struggling a bit with missing my family. It's worse around the holidays. My family do big holiday get togethers with lots of food and laughter. Bran's family isn't really into that. Sometimes people will get together to have lunch on Christmas, but other than that it's pretty much just the main family unit and chocolate. Not that it's bad of course :) who am I to say no to chocolate? But I do miss my big family celebrations. It's difficult to make the celebration important when my husband grew up in a family that wasn't terribly celebratory. Well, i'll just have to start our own traditions :D!

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