Sunday, 15 April 2012

Random Update

So my blog had been getting a lot more traffic lately, but it's from some random websites. Anyone know whats up with that? And if we do have new readers then welcome and please follow :D <3.

In other news...I don't have much news today. Had a sore jaw all day but other than that i'm back to my normal pain levels thanks to upped prednisone.

Bran and I had a lovely brunch :) eggs in a basket, pan fries, chocolate chip banana muffins, and pineapple to finish it off, yum! I do love some good pan fries (home fries, skillet potatoes, etc.)

We also had a nice walk, even getting caught in the rain was nice. It felt special some how, getting caught in the rain with my love. We had to hide under an overhang until the rain lightened up, but even so we got  quite wet! Milo (our puppy) enjoyed the walk too and gets to skip his bath this week since he got quite soaked ;) he does smell better.

I have my physio check up tomorrow along with buying with cane i've been eyeing. I'm meant to see a private physio as well but I think i'll try acupuncture instead.

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