Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Mabon! Sorta...

Happy Mabon....kinda >.>. It was actually on the 21st of march but I decided to celebrate it today since we had a long weekend for Easter. It was nice really :) we roasted up some root veggies and made an apple pie and some lovely brioche rolls. buttery they basically melted in your mouth. Now, just be be clear, we did indeed have salad yesterday to help balance it out ;).

We made corn husk dolls to represent to Goddess and God :). It's been nice celebrating my faith, usually it takes a back-burner to the main stream holidays.

It's been a busy day full of cooking and eating and football (AFL) and Lion King >.>. Not exactly harvest related but still fun! I haven't been too sore today, but I did have to stop and rest often.

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