Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Many Meetings and Partings

I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much....but we may have found the perfect apartment :). It's in New Farm which is a great trendy suburb with superb public transport and shops were about a block away! It really is such a great location and just enough room for us. We checked it out today after Bran got out of work, it really is ideal, then had dinner at the pizza place right across the street. It was yummy! I really likely it....but we'll see ;).

In other news I met a lovely little puppy named Apple. My MiL is thinking about getting a dog, and this particular dog is a snorty, wrinkly, grumbly little British bulldog who was just lovely! She was so cute and happy! What a big grin :D. We brought Milo along (who did incredibly well for such a long car ride) and they were so funny together! I don't think Milo really knew what to make of her, but Apple was quite excited to be able to play with a new dog XD. I'm not sure that Sarah will end up getting her as we are potentially moving soon and she won't really have time until next semester but we will see. Either way, Ms. Apple, it was lovely meeting you and I wish you well.

Pain wasn't so bad today. A bit in my wrists but down from yesterday.

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