Sunday, 29 April 2012

Smelly Stew for the Pesky Pup

What a day. I'm a bit sore and tired today, despite a sleep in. Bran and I didn't end up having our date :(. We are quite concerned about Milo's paws and decided to watch after him today. If they don't improve i'll be bringing him to the vet. On a different but related note, we made Milo some doggy stew (that is, for dogs, not made of dogs). It was a fish base using this recipe at Down to Earth. I didn't use pasta, instead adding more brown rice in it's place. It was indeed quite smelly from the fish, but Milo seemed to like it and it seems pretty nutritionally sound. We will be giving him yogurt and sardines as well for calcium as he can't handle raw bones.

On the other hand, Bran thinks the Nundah apartment is a good idea :) so i'll be getting in contact with Sam tomorrow to talk about a contract. It's a great apartment, with some improvements it'll be spectacular! It's not in an ideal position as it's a bit far from the train but it's a nice suburb and we aren't likely to get as nice of a place for that inexpensive. So cross your fingers for us!

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