Thursday, 5 April 2012

Occupational Therapist, Finally!

I finally had my visit with the occupational therapist today. She was actually really lovely and informative, i'm glad I was able to see her :). I did some away with some new lycra gloves, wrist splints, and big tubing to go on silverware and pens when i'm having a bad day. She also mentioned a cane and looking for a shower stool. I'm not sure how to feel about the stool, but I guess since I have enough problems for a cane....just not quite yet. I can still stand well enough :) just not walk so well...

I'm struggling with the idea of a cane. Part of me feels like it would help with taking the stress off my feet and knees when i'm having a bad day, but the other part of me feels like I don't really need it and I should just suck it up and move on. I actually had a dream the other night that I was ment to be using a wheelchair, but chose not to and ended up limping and crying the entire way home from all the pain. Not so much fun experiencing pain while you are dreaming.

On a lighter note, i'm on school vacation now :). Hopefully this will give me some time to do my projects and rest up a bit.

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