Friday, 27 April 2012

The Pesky Puppy

Well, the other studio at New Farm is a no go. But we saw a great one bed in Nundah :D. It needs repairs, but it could be just what we are looking for. I'm hopeful :). We're off tomorrow to check out some more places and look at the Nundah apartment again with Bran. A lot of it depends on financing, which we should hear back about wednesday.

Milo is still not feeling well. His little paws are awfully red (mostly because he's been chewing on them when no one is home). We've made the decision to make his food here at home rather than risk more comercial food failures. Tonight was brown rice with roasted green beans and salmon ;). Fancy, eh? I'm hopeful that we can get his skin problems under control and get him back to the happy little dog he is.

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