Thursday, 26 April 2012

Spoke with the loan guy today :) we'll hear back next week about the pre-approval. He seems pretty confidant that we will get it. Lets hope!

Didn't get the studio, but we are checking out some other places tomorrow. I'm not feeling bad about this though, I know when the time is right something just for us will show up :).

Pain wise not too bad today, back is still angry. I went for a walk with Milo this morning, and that did help with my sore back. It made me very tired though, maybe I should stick with 20 minute walks for the time being..Milo sure was happy though! He is a sock dog again today, his back paws are looking better but his front right is awfully irritated. I'm sure another day or two as a sock dog and it will heal up. I've also made the decision that once we are done this bag of food i'll start making his dog food. That way I know exactly what is in it. Poor pup.

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