Monday, 30 January 2012

Busy Day is Busy

Today has been a tiring day. I've probably used up more energy than I should have, and i'll likely pay for it tomorrow. But for now i'm happy that I pushed myself to accomplish something, as stressful as it's been.

Today I started off by telling my doctor about my mental state over my life. I am not completely comfortable getting into it, but i've been through some seriously emotionally trying times. It's very difficult for me to discuss, especially with a stranger. But there I was, talking about all of the things that have haunted me, in order to get help. And get help I shall :). It had been difficult for me to deal with the thought of having a chronic illness for the rest of my life. I know there are people who are diagnosed younger than I am, but at 22 it still seems like quite a shock. I haven't been handling it well, so now i'll see a professional about it and learn some better coping skills :).

Next I made the journey out to Endeavour. Endeavour is the school i'm soon to be studying Naturopathy at, and while it isn't too far away it does require a bus, then a train, then walking. I also got a little bit lost >.> usually I rely on my phone which I of course forgot at home. But I made it none the less! I was able to give them the correct information and I was off again.

A train trip, and a bus ride back out and i'm on my way to swimming. You would think at this point I would want to go home, as this is more than I would do in a typical day (let alone during a flare) but I wanted to swim gosh darn it!

And I got lost again >.>. Lesson learned. Remember phone. Or...maybe actually learn the way.

After wondering around for an hour I did eventually get there. A few laps and a leg cramp later I was on my way back home! Feeling quite tired but accomplished none the less :).

So todays lesson is: don't forget my phone. And figure out better ways to get around >.>.

Pain: arms, shoulders and R elbow and R hand especially, ankles, L big toe, hips. Back is doing much better.

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