Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mad Soup Rush

I had a mad soup making rush today!

Woke up feeling quite tired and a bit sore (from water aerobics, one would think), but I decided to push on because i'm running out of soup. Thus, the mad soup rush, which involved chopping and throwing things in a pot as quickly and carefully as I could. Sure, now my fingers and hands are sore and a bit stiff, but i'll have a nice big pot of soup to feed off of for the rest of the week. Corn chowder :) yum. Wish I had a nice bread bowl to go with it! I used a recipe based loosely off of Jamie Oliver's chili corn chowder on the 20 minutes app.

In other news, I received my enrolment letter from Endeavour! Now I just need to pay and make sure they have my correct information and i'll be good to go come february.

Pain: low today, hands (R had especially), wrists, elbows, shoulders still extra stiff/sore, knee is acting up, bit of cramping.

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