Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Elimination Diet Day 3

Day 3. This is almost as long as I lasted with my smoothie elimination diet last time >.>. I went 4 days with that.

How am I feeling? Not bad. I haven't had any real stomach issues except for today when I don't think I cooked my oatmeal long enough. Or maybe i'm sensitive to oats too...or maybe it's the prednisone I re-started yesterday...maybe I should eat my GF cereal I

I was able to withstand pizza last night! It was dominos, so it wasn't very hard to resist temptation, but I still had to ignore the cheesy goodness of it all. They even had cheesy garlic bread, but I persevered!

I haven't noticed any lessening in the arthritis pain. My wrist is still especially sore and inflamed. Even with the prednisone and voltarin yesterday it was still sore. My back had also been a bit out of whack, most likely because I haven't been doing all of my stretches. I have made sure to be going for a walk though, I find that if I walk for at least half an hour a day it makes a huge difference. If I can do an hour than that is even better, but it also depends on my knee and how fatigued I am on any given day.

Speaking of my knee, it had been doing a bit better. It doesn't seem to be "going off track" quite as much, but is still in general achey. I need to find some hypo-allergenic tape so it wont irritate the skin around my knee.

Pain: Both arm, especially R wrist and elbow. Stomach, neck?

Re-starting salazopyrin

Edit: No i'm not. Took it earlier, now it feels like i've been punched in the stomach and my brain has fogged over. No more. Tt didn't help enough to warent this.

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