Monday, 23 January 2012

Leg Cramps

Third round of aqua aerobics today! I'm feeling energised and somewhat worn out at the same time, haha. I do feel like my body is appreciating being pushed a bit, although I did get a nasty calf cramp that caused me to sit out the last few minutes of the work out. But that's alright. I got all of the cardio in and only missed some leg work. It feels really good to be working out and strengthening my muscles!

Other than that I went and saw the physio again today about my knee. It was a different one yet again, so i'm not really sure whether there has been any progress. I haven't felt like there has been :/ so i'm not sure what to think about it.

Need to send in my Endeavour stuffs tomorrow.

Pain: wrists (R especially), hands, elbows (R), shoulders (R), sternum a bit, back a bit, R knee is quite sore, some toes. R calf cramped up.

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