Monday, 9 January 2012

A new medicine has been added to my ongoing regime. Sertraline. Aka Zoloft. This honestly isn't very surprising, since i've been depressed and anxious off and on as long as I can remember, but the funny thing is my (wonderful, wonderful) gp put me on it to help partly with pain management. That and I told her flat out that i'm not coping very well. She took a look at the nice letter I wrote up about all my ailments and said "You've had more happen to you in the past year than I have in my life!". I <3 my gp :). She was actually very compassionate. She told me to book a double appointment and come back and we'll go over a mental health plan and get me to a therapist (mostly on the govnt's dime ;) ). What a change from the last gp who looked at my crying face while I broke down in his office and handed me a letter to go see someone else about it.

Anyway, she said sometimes when one had gone through a lot of (physical) pain problems the nerves kind of get fried and sometimes anti-depressants can help calm things down (insert brain nerve pathway science talk). She was going to put me on an older one but decided on the newer ones after talking a bit about my lack of coping and the drug interactions were slightly less on this one I think.

So, not only did she talk me through every one of my problems I had written down (it was a bit of a laundry list >.>), prescribed me some medicine we actually TALKED about, and talked about a follow up appointment, but she actually wrote me off as a short visit as opposed to a long one which saved me quite a bit of money :D. Best gp ever.

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