Thursday, 5 January 2012

Out and About

I was out and about most of the day today. Kind of >.>.

My morning started off with a lovely trip to the hospital physio to work on my knee. This was a different physio than my normal one, who was away having a baby, and I didn't like him as much :(. He was nice enough, but made a slightly insensitive remark about pushing through the pain of arthritis. Now, it's true that you need to keep your body moving and make sure that you don't lose your muscle strength....but right now i'm not on any long term meds, and the prednisone is not working. It is painful. And it is not the sort of pain that you can push through, it is the kind of pain that if you push, it will push back and you will be feeling it the rest of the day and the next. So i'm not sure if maybe he just didn't know or maybe thought I was just complaining? Oh well..

He also reminded me not to get a job where I have to stand. Like, ever. Thanks :/. Totally didn't know that between my foot, knee, leg, back and arthritis problems...

Anyway, after that I traveled away to Wray Organics where I got in the way of the ever-stocking shop keepers and delivery people for a while. Then off to the pharmacy to get some hypo-allergenic under taping for my knee (since my skin is now reacting to the tape). Then back home where I laid down and wallowed in pain for the rest of the day.

My back was acting up. Badly. My hands are also not very happy, especially my thumb-to-wrist joints (someday i'll look this up). Really wishing my rheumy would come back, but I have an appointment with my GP on monday to talk about some things (more back and cramp related than arthritis).

This makes me wonder how I would hold down a job :/.

On a lighter note, I got some gluten free bread. The textur is about half way between a muffin and normal bread. The taste is light, maybe a bit sweet but overall pleasant. It also have flax and chia seeds in it, yummy :). I had a slice with peanut butter for lunch and a slice with my soup for dinner.

Pain: back (coccyx), big toes, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, little bit of sternum. Neck muscles are tight as well, though that is likely from stress. Some cramping, but that is likely period related. A bit of stomach discomfort (also likely period related)

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