Thursday, 12 January 2012

First Naturopath Visit

I had my first visit to the Naturopath today :). And...he was lovely. Really lovely. The type of health care professional I aspire to be.

He offered me tea, we sat, had a chat, I cried a little (talking about where my anxiety stems from >.>). Chatted some more. He explained a bunch of things and showed me the room with all of the herbal extracts (because i'm a soon-to-be student) and chatted some more. I ended up staying for about two and a half hours as opposed to the hour-hour and a half that would be the typically first appointment. I feel like he is someone I can put my trust into, he seems genuinely interested in helping to get me healthy.

So I have come home with a mixture of bitter herbs for before meals, a new vitamin, and a probiotic. All this to help heal my gut. He'll call me in two weeks to check up. He said to keep GF and avoid dairy.

Beyond that I talked to vodafone people, called Endeavour, and made some tasty soup. A nice vegetable coconut soup which is vegan anf GF :D.

Pain: Mild again today. Hands, arms, R ankle, big toes. R wrist got a bit sore after chopping. My mood seems to have leveled out a bit more as well.

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