Sunday, 29 January 2012

Thanks for Noticing

Thank you to the two people who have chosen to follow me :). I'm afraid i'm not a very interesting person, and this is more of a boring personal type blog, but I appreciate that someone is interested in my story. I try to type at least something daily.

I'm not looking forward to visiting my GP tomorrow. I know it's something that is needed, because I know i'm not coping particularly well, but I hate the idea of doing a "mental health plan" >.>. It'll be wonderful to eventually see a therapist and learn better ways of coping with chronic illness, but it's so hard to talk about the emotionally painful things i've been through. I've decided to be strong though and accept the help that is being offered. It seems like this is the time in my life to start getting things fixed up within myself.

In other news, i've gotten a new vegan "cream cheese" which is wonderful! I've tried some vegan cheeses before and they have mostly been pretty awful, except for this one. The brand is Tofutti, it's called "better than cream cheese" haha :D. Although I wouldn't call it better, it had a nice texture and a pleasant enough taste. It also melted, which some vegan cheeses don't ever do. Now I just need some GF bagels ;).

Pain: arms, shoulders and fingers especially, back is mostly better, R knee is a bit off. Still flaring, but not as bad as yesterday. Hopefully it is going down.

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