Saturday, 21 January 2012


So for some reason I haven't updated for a few days. I'm not really sure why >.> other than last night where I went to bed very early. Dentist trip went well, it ended up only costing $31 due to our lovely extras cover :D! I'm going back next wednesday for two fillings (though I know I have more cavities than that? Meh). Bran and I worked out a new budget as well, so that is always good.

In other news I made some yummy cupcakes from a GF/DF mix. The frosting mix that came with it was no good, so I used the sunflower spread and some powdered sugar and the great raw cocoa I have and made a lovely chocolate frosting. I think it was the macro GF cupcake mix from wollies.

Pain: R knee, arms, R hand was more sore today, some toes, R ankle, sternum.

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