Friday, 27 May 2011

Cakes and Cookies and Pizza, Oh My!

Feeling much better today :D. I was able to go out for a walk (well, really to the store to get some groceries with Bran) and cooked a pizza for dinner. Mmm...I really enjoy home made pizza. Though rally, I miss Pizza Bella T.T. Oh America, why are you so far away? I'm pretty sure Bran and I could eat at Pizza Bella every night of the week. We both agree that they do the best pizzas ever.

We also watched Tomorrow When the War Began. It started off not so good, the acting was sub par, but once the actual story started, it was pretty good. I do enjoy survival type stories :). I think Bran liked it more than I, but he also read the books when he was younger. Maybe I should try and find the books?  Hm.

Mmm, they are making cheesecake on Masterchef. I really want to eat it. Too much talk about food here! I think i'll make some chocolate chip cookies tomorrow. For Bran, right? Totally not because I want cookies >.> because i'm trying to lose weight, right? Right.

Well, i'm off to daydream about cookies. Byebye

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