Monday, 2 May 2011

Of Anniversaries and Meet-ups

I've had a busy few days, so lets start with saturday.

Saturday was mostly normal, other than I had made the huge effort (for me) of joining a meet-up group and making the decision to actually go to a meet-up. It is a Pagan meet up group, specifically for Pagans in Brisbane. It seemed like a mixed kind of group so I thought it might be nice to meet some new people. The last Pagan group I met up with was very nice, but a bit too energetic for me. Plus they had their own belief set which didn't fit with mine, so live and let live :). Anyway, after fretting about it for half a day, I was on my way. I had to travel to a suburb I hadn't been to before, but the bus driver was very nice and informed me what bus to take and how long it would take to get there. I also had my handy-dandy iphone, which had a map I can track the bus movement on (I would have gotten terribly lost at least a dozen times by now without it).

I ended up getting there a bit early, so took a walk around. There was a couple there who looked kind of witchy (I mean this with respect) but I was too shy to go talk to them (and they were too shy to talk to me XD). As someone else for the group arrived, they did ask if I was there for the meet-up group and we all went to start setting up.

Let me say this beforehand, i'm extremely shy and can be very awkward with people I don't know, so on the journey there I sent out a little prayer to whatever-is to help me overcome my shyness and really take advantage of such a good meeting situation. I really worked to speak up during Circle, I spoke up in the name of the animals lost in the floods and earthquakes, I called the Northern Corner, and I even asked if anyone wanted to get coffee after :). It's such a little thing, but i'm very proud of myself for speaking up and really making an effort to be involved. It ended up being a great time, the Circle was solemn, as it was Samhain and we were paying tribute to those who have passed, but the coffee after was fun and upbeat. Even on the way back I had a lively discussion with another person from the meet-up while on the train. I truly hope to meet up with everyone again :).

Sunday was May 1st, which is my husband's and my anniversary. This was our first year together as a married couple :). I'm very happy to be with Bran, and so thankful that he is such a kind and loving husband. We did have a little bump during the day where I flipped out and cried because I felt like Bran didn't really care about the landmark, he did, I was just being emotional (and maybe he was being just a little lazy, I love you Bran!) But that was solved with some talking and a very nice card Bran brought back for me while getting some nice wine :D.

Handfasting Cords

We originally were going to have a re-handfasting ceremony and have a reception with our friends that couldn't make it to the wedding, but financial constraints kept that from happening. It's alright though, we didn't need that kind of stress. Instead we had a picnic in the yard with Milo. It was a beautiful day, the temperature was just warm enough to not need a jacket. I made a special cake using the recipe for our wedding cake (with our wedding topper on it), Bran made our favourite toasted sandwiches. We had our Asti Riccadona  (neither of us drink wine very much, so it was a sweet bubbly for us!) in our wedding glasses, and had a little mini re-handfasting.

Our  Picnic

We talked about what we wanted to do in the next year, and what we wanted to work on. For me it's remembering that my way isn't the only way, and respecting that Bran and I have different things that we consider important. Bran's goal was to put more effort into doing things that are important to me, even if he doesn't typically focus on them. Both of us decided that we want to go on a trip for just the two of us some times this year, maybe to Melbourne. We also decided that instead of trading gifts we would add a charm to our handfasting cords. In keeping with the traditional gifts, we tried to get something to do with paper, and ended up finding a sweet little envelope (as in letter) charm. This was fitting for us personally as well as before we were physically together we would trade letters across the ocean. We put the cords over our hands, and rededicated ourself to each other, I pray that we shall have this same love and commitment for the rest of our lives :).

Handfasting Cords with charm

Handfasting cords with wedding glasses

Milo :)

Enjoying some down time

Our Handfasting cords safely wrapped up until next year

Today i'm going to update this thing, go for a walk and relax. See ya all tomorrow :).

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