Saturday, 7 May 2011

Of Houses and Hassles

My MiL and I checked out another house today (and had a lovely chat over coffee). We seem to be having trouble finding a house that is really perfect for all of us. There has been one house that has fit the bill, and is currently back on the market, but Sarah needs to sell her current house first.

I have mixed feelings about living together. We will have a separate little flat, so we wont be sharing spaces beyond the yard, but it still feels like we are living with a parent. I feel like less of an independent adult :/. But what will be, will be. It will sure as heck be convenient to have rent be a third of what we are paying now, especially if Bran looses his contract!

Anyway, beyond that i've had a quiet day. Bran is now on his way back from the AFL game (yay Suns!) so i'm going to wait up for him then hit the hay :) goodnight never never land.

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