Friday, 6 May 2011


It seems like it's been a long week. Lots of calls, lots of ups and downs.

On an up, I got a check up concerning a weird little spot on my upper abdomen, but it's fine. The doctor also checked all o my moles and other spots and dots. All is well there :).

On a down, Bran got news today that they may not renew his contract. This. Is. Bad. Due to a payout (if he isn't rehired) we will be alright for about three months (this is assuming we don't go to Sydney) but after that i'm not sure what we would do :/. But we will find our way.

On an up, Bran has quite a few people fighting to get his contract renewed. He is well liked and a good worker, I just pray the people who divide the money will see how important his skills are to the school.

On another up (and to end this post), my MiL and I are going to check out a house tomorrow. It should be fun :).

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