Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Mattress!

So,  our most expensive purchase to date four our home is our mattress. Of course, a good mattress usually costs a pretty penny. Ours is a futon. As in a proper futon, not the couch-to-bed type thing. The reason it is so expensive was because it is made of organic cotton. Yes, we are crazy enough to buy a organic cotton futon. It's even on the floor right now (though, on top of an older quilt so it's not directly on the icky floor).

We decided to get a futon, oddly, even before my surgery. Both of us slept really well in Japan. While this may have been from exhaustion, as we were walking all day, we like to think it was the lovely hard futon and the interestingly hard Japanese pillows. So upon looking into it more, futons are really great for spinal alignment. Then my back went crazy and I had to get surgery. So now that I can get up and down easily enough, we have our futon! And of course, it is made of organic cotton. Why, do you ask? Because it is crazy how many chemicals are stuffed into mattress'. I wont get into it right now, but if people are worried about what is in their food, maybe they should also think about what they spend 8 hours a day laying on :) but this is just my opinion.

My only worry is that Milo will also decide to sleep on it, as it's on the floor >.>. We may just end up getting a bed frame from the same people (untreated wood, FTW!)

Until tomorrow, byebye!

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