Friday, 20 May 2011

Physio Part 5 (I think?)

The physio told me I can start coming every other week now :D! Yaaaay. Apparently i'm starting to finish up the recovery process? I still have the numb stripe down my leg, but I can definitely feel the strength mostly back. The only times I really notice are when i'm putting on/taking off a shoe (my foot doesn't quite go in like it should, it's almost like putting on a shoe for someone else where I have to kind of stuff my foot in >.>) or if i'm walking on an incline or decline. I've also been given some different exercises to do for my back and to build up core strength, which is good as I feel like i've bult up the muscle I could doing the same exercises that i've been doing basically for a month and a half.

On a different note, poor Milo! He's been almost obsessively licking his paws for a while, finally Bran and I decided to put socks on him at night so he wont even be tempted. We put a sock over his bandage when he had cut his paw on some glass (i'm still not sure how this happened, nor how he got the glass >.>) as he was literally eating the bandage off, and it kept him from doing further damage, so we have taken this approach once more only with all four paws :(. He doesn't mind too much as we only put them on him when he is pretty sleepy, but he sure looks funny!

Milo the Sock Dog

Poor thing, but his paws really do look much better when he isn't licking them obsessively! Sorry about the poor quality picture, it's from my phone >.>.

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