Thursday, 5 May 2011

Physio part 3

I walked for an extra long time today (about an hour and a half >.>) to try and make up for the pizza we had last night. It was worth it though, we had pizza in celebration of not having to pay off that hospital bill! Yaaay! And, you know, me getting my medicare number, huzzah public health!

I also went to the physiotherapist. She said my leg/foot is getting stronger is was pleased with that and my core muscle strength improving. She also said not to be too concerned about the left leg stuff or the back stiffness unless my left leg goes really numb or i'm having constant sciatic pain. Beyond that she beat up my back (elbows, ow) and sent me on my way! Thats about it for my update :) my back is feeling much better, although still stiff around my tailbone. I have some new exercises to do before bed so i'm off.

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