Monday, 16 May 2011

English Muffins and Sweet Potatoes

I received a special package in the mail today :). Two of my friends back home sent me some rainbow twizzlers, jellybeans and two very sweet cards. It reminded me of how wonderful it is to have such a deep connection, even if it is across the world rather than across the street.

Beyond that I had a pretty quiet day. I finally cooked up all of the sweet potatoes, now I have to figure out what to do with them. I also made some yummy english muffins using the recipe from Peter Reinhart's The Break Bakers Apprentice. It's the only bread baking book I have, and it is well loved :). Bran was very happy as I think english muffins are one of his favorite home made things. They didn't have the nice nooks and crannies like the 'fork split' ones from the store, but I think I just need to use a slightly wetter dough.  I think i'll try and make muffins out of the sweet potato. Maybe use it like pumpkin? I think that would probably be fine.

Beyond that, tomorrow i'm off to the library to print off my papers and try and get all of my extra visa stuff in. Possible then to Brookside to the medicare center to claim my last MRI dealie. I'll try and actually do a useful post tomorrow too >.>. I really will! Maybe...

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