Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Of Pain Meds and Futons

I'm feeling much happier today :), though still sore. I did take some pain meds, just ibuprofen and panadol. I also kept heat on it quite often throughout the day. I did not make the moussaka, but I did manage to do a load of laundry. Tomorrow we have to order the new bed, hopefully it will be here before we leave! Slightly poor planning on my part >.>. We are getting an all organic cotton futon :) it'll be nice and sturdy for my poor back, plus nice and chemical-free. It's a bit expensive as far as futons go, but both Bran and I think it will be a worthwhile investment. For anyone in Australia, we are ordering from Organature i'm really looking forward to it.

On a different note, two weeks from right now I will be making sure we are packed for out Sydney trip and making sure our guest room is set up (as best it can be with out lack of furniture!) Not only does it make me incredibly happy that we will be seeing my brother and Keri, but it's a really good thing for Bran and I. We haven't gone away since the honeymoon, and I think we really need a bit of a vacation. Bran especially, I feel like he is getting burnt out at work :( he's just such a good provider! I'm just not quite sure what we will be doing with Milo. We are looking into a dog sitter (Bran is calling them tomorrow) if not, then off to the kennel in the extraordinarily high priced pet taxi x.x. Guh. But what will be, will be.

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