Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Of rice and beans and soup

Today was another somewhat off day. My back had been feeling very stiff lately, and i'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. I tried calling the doctor, but apparently they were all too busy to call back :/. I know i'm not really their top priority, but it would take two minutes to call and tell me either i'm ok or I need to get another MRI. I also need to remember to print off things to apply for medicare.

On a different note, I made cuban beans a few days ago. They are healthy and delicious :D. I used the recipe from The New Vegetarian Epicure for everyday black beans

Black beans with rice and pineapple 

Today I added pineapple to mix it up a bit, very yum :). I also made a tasty veggie chowder based off of the one in The New Moosewood Cookbook. Also yummy. I should be set for lunch and dinner for most of the week. Maybe i'll put up a soup picture tomorrow. I really need to remember how awesome these cookbooks are, instead of getting my recipes off of the internet all the time (not that there is anything wrong with that!) 

On another sad note my lovely brand new big enamel covered cast iron casserole dish cracked! Well, the enamel on the inside did, luckily it has a lifetime warranty. Hopefully they will uphold it! Bran is bringing it back to the shop tomorrow. 

Well, now i'm off to watch Masterchef with my husband <3.

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