Wednesday, 18 May 2011


So we had a bit of drama at our house today. I went to get a drink of water, and the fridge had died! So I call Bran, and after a few conversations we decide to look into getting a new fridge. Off I go to Harvey Normans, only to find out that I cannot purchase it, I need to get Bran to purchase it as he is Australia and I am not a resident yet :/. But so it is, I call Bran and he decided to check it out after work. Meanwhile, I get back home and re-plug in the fridge just to see what happens, and what do you know, it comes back to life! It's aaaalllliiiiiivvveeeeee! But the lightbulb is out >.>....Well, at least we don't need to fork out the money to get a new one yet!

Afterwards, Bran and I sat down with a nice cup of coffee and started on my latest paperwork from immigration. Hurrah. I need to call my family to get some dates tomorrow, but hopefully I can have it done by then. Alas, no cooking happened today, though I finally washed that weird super slippery blanket that we hopefully wont have to use again.

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