Thursday, 9 February 2012

Chard Chips

Wrists and hands still quite sore today, a little better though. My knee was also really bad today.

On a lighter note, I made silver beet (chard) chips today :). Much like the kale chips that have been running around the blogosphere. Basically you mix ripped up silver beet with a bit of oil and salt (and a pinch of chili and garlic ;) ), and bake at 150 C for around 15 minutes. So yummy!

They May not look like much, but they were actually salty, crunchy deliciousness. Much easier than making potato chips (not to mention healthier).

I'm hoping to try and get some swimming in tomorrow, though I also have a meet

Pain: arms, hands and wrists especially, R elbow especially. Shoulders, R hip, back, R knee especially, some toes.

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