Thursday, 23 February 2012

Need a Thermos

Day two of school was a bit less stressful :). I think i'll enjoy this class, foundations of communication and counseling. The teacher is charismatic and funny, the students seem like they care and are friendly, and the subject matter is right up my alley ;). It does go for three hours, which is longer than any other class i've taken, but she breaks it up quite well having some group talking, some class discussion and some note taking.

After class I figured out how to get to the spring hill pool. I could have gotten to the ithica pool much more easily, but it was unseasonably chilly today and the spring hill pool is heated ;) don't want to startle my poor joints with chilly water! I was able to do about 40 minutes, 4 laps of which was sprinting. I think thats pretty good for me. I think I need to buy a thermos to take tea or coffee to class though...I tried to get a tea from one of the shops and it was $3.50 for a cup o.O weird.

Now i'm enjoying a lovely cup of fresh ginger tea that my wonderful husband made me :) life is good.

Pain: WRISTS, hands, R knee, R ankle, toes, elbows, shoulders. Gloves are helping hands, but not wrists. Had cramps in my R hamstring last night.

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