Monday, 27 February 2012


Sometimes I just get so tired.
I'm tired of being in pain.
I'm tired of calling people all the time.
I'm tired of trying to make friends.
I'm tired of riding the bus.
I'm tired of walking around when I want to sleep.
I'm tired of taking a bunch of different medicines daily.
I'm tired of making myself exercise when I sure as heck don't want to.
I'm tired of trying so hard.

But I have to keep going.
If I stop, then i'll end up more tired.
I'll end up in more pain.
And i'll end up more lonely.

Saw the physio. Starting a new exercise class soon. I need to buy shoes. Arthritis workshop went well.

Pain: Fingers, wrists, elbows especially, behind my knees has been bothering me, R knee, ankles, toes especially.

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