Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cupcakes in the Morning

Sometimes you need a cupcake.
Today I woke up groggy and sore. Sore enough that lifting a glass of water hurt. Typing hurt. MOVING hurt. Well, it's like that sometimes eh?

I'm out of GF bread :(.

So I had some crackers with the better-than-cream-cheese and some fruit for breakfast. After a while I got my glass of water, carefully carried it with two hands into the bedroom where my pills are and took my meds.

But just need a cupcake.

They were looking at me, the little devils carefully designed to look like sweet little GF/DF treats with delicious chocolate frosting. Taunting me. Saying "you'll feel sooOOoo much better if you just eat something yummy! Te he" the te he is especially important.

So I caved. I ate a delicious cupcake despite the fact that it was way before afternoon tea time. It sure as heck didn't make the pain any better, but it did make me feel a little happier in the way only a delicious kind-of-homemade baked good does.

After that I went shopping in the city and took a nap :D. A good day over all, if not somewhat tiring. Doctor tomorrow for a "women's health check" blah.

Pain: Arms, L shoulder especially, sternum, knees, L hip, R foot, some toes. Had a nice shoulder spasm today >.>.

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