Saturday, 4 February 2012

Riding a Bike

I have an embarrassing confession. I can't really ride a bike...

I was never the type of kid to ride bikes. I was always very afraid I would fall off of them. Not that I would get hurt mind you, just that I would fall off >.>. It was only when I was a pre-teen when I really worked up the courage to properly ride a bike, and then I crashed into a tree....and a fence. Long story short I don't ride bikes.

But it is my goal this year to properly ride a bike with some regularity. Not only is it a wonderful exercise, but I could get places much quicker than walking. Or in some cases quicker than public transport. Thus my practice has begun!

Some of today was spent with my husband and dog out front on the little side street cheering me on (or barking at me, depending on who you are talking about) as I wobbled around on my mother-in-laws bike wearing my shiny new helmet (the fact that it was shiny and new helped a little ;) ). I was able to get going, though my anxiety was almost attack-inducing. Bran of course was lovely and encouraging, giving me tips where he could. Milo was excited and vocal, running along side the bike as much as he could on his long lead. I got the gist of it, but it is quite a short road, so tomorrow we will go down to the bottom of the hill and i'll get some more practice in.

I've set my mind on this. I will become a person who rides bikes! I will be one of those eco-friendly people who rides their bike to the store with their canvas bags! We will go on picnics to places other than our back yard! As long as I don't crash into a tree or a fence ;).

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