Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Swimming Again

I do enjoy swimming :). I went to a salt water pool for the first time today. It wasn't heated, and it was outside, but I enjoyed the salt water much more than chlorinated. The pool itself was quite nice as well. The only thing I don't like (again) is that there aren't any lockers o.O. But it was nice anyway. I really enjoy the feeling of gliding through the water. It's soothing and strengthening at the same time.

Counselling went alright, mostly still getting on track with what we are going to talk about.

Arthritis wasn't very nice. Sore wrists especially. I did get my new gloves today. I've found them quite good for my fingers but they didn't help with my wrist at all. I may need to get braces for them. Still have a bit of an mtx hangover, but not half as bad as last week. Hopefully by next week i'll have adjusted. I've missed my voltarin today though since i'm not supposed to take it within 24 hours of the mtx.

I also got a package from my family! It was full of lovely things :D. I love getting packages, but even more when it includes marshmallow fluff and funny t-shirts XD.

Fist day of school tomorrow along with my ortho-physio review. Lets see how that goes >.>. I do like my new hair cut.

Pain: hands, wrists, sternum a bit, elbows, shoulders (r), knees (r especially), R ankle, some toes.

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