Friday, 24 February 2012

Homework and Rainy Days

It's been a long day. I did not want to wake up this morning :/ but the puppy dog really wanted me to pay attention to him! My left wrist is very sore today, more sore than I think it's ever been. Still, I went to aqua aerobics, did laundry, finally froze that pumpkin, and did my microbiology homework! It took like, three hours! Bah, back at it! But now it is done, and I know somewhat more about microbes ;). I'll do my foundation of communication and counseling tomorrow after Bran leaves. I don't think it'll take as long >.>.

I've been a bit off today with my wrists hurting so much along with feeling fatigued. I hate it when it just comes out of no where. I can't think of anything that would have triggered it, maybe stress? I've been very busy this week. Or maybe because it suddenly chilled down so much and is raining? Thats a distinct possibility some to think about it. Hm.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I may end up having to get surgery on my knee. The osteo-physio said basically there isn't anything else they can do, so I am at the top of the list to see the Osteo-surgeon. I'm not really sure whether to feel happy or not. I would not like to go through another surgery or rehabilitation afterwards, but it would be a miracle to have my knee back...I'm waiting to see what the surgeon says before I get anxious about it :).

On a different note, my MiL brought me a yummy GF cheesecake from my fav coffee shop :). I'm so lucky to have such nice in-laws!

I've found an interesting site relating to autoimmune arthritis: 

Pain: WRISTS (L especially) hands, elbows (R especially), shoulders aren't too bad, R knee is SORE, R ankle is angry, toes. Had a funny pain under my ribs yesterday.

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