Monday, 6 February 2012


Back to aqua aerobics today. I also swam a few laps beforehand :).

The big difference? I bought some goggles and a nose plug. Now I can swim without closing my eyes (and having to wipe them off when water splashes on them >.>) or getting water up my nose :D. Now I <3 swimming. I really enjoyed swimming laps, which isn't that odd I guess since i've always loved playing in the water. I enjoyed it so much that it didn't even feel like exercise until I reached the other side of the pool, out of breath, and with increasingly sore arms. So now my goal is to take the stroke correction class and start to swim laps on a regular basis along with the aqua aerobics. I might be able to take an exercise class through the hospital as well, since i'm receiving physio for my knee.

In other news I checked out a place called lifetech which has all sorts of assistive devices. It doesn't sell them, but has them on show for people to look at and feel in person before they purchase it. They also have occupational therapists for you to book appointments with and help find the best devises/ way to do things for you. They also give you an informational print out of any of the devices you were interested in. So I have a nice packet full of information on jar openers, back supports, and writing utensils. I liked the finger pens :D or maybe just the pens with the really fat grips. They made it so much easier to write.

Pain: all over, especially R hand, R elbow, R shoulder, ankles and L big toe.

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