Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fun Times With MTX

It's been a hecktic few days. On monday I finally got to see the rheumy, who once more told me my arthritis is mild (I know that, but telling me over and over doesn't make my knuckles hurt less!) and seemed irritated that I was doing my own research >.>. I had to badger him a bit to sign a form for me to get some occupational therapy for my hands :/ but I persevered!  He then gave me a script for methotrexate (mtx) and folic acid and sent me on my way. I'm awfully glad i've done my own research though, because he told me absolutely nothing about methotrexate beyond it's a chemo drug but the dose for arthritis is much much smaller. Nothing about avoiding too much sunlight or tanning beds or not taking NSAIDS within 24 hours (bad for your liver) or call your doctor right away if you develop a dry cough because your lungs could be dying >.>...

Anyway, I was pretty sick about 6 hours after I took my dose, and continued to be nauseous for most of yesterday. I also was nauseous today about an hour after taking my normal meds. Thus prompted the call and trip to the gp. Wonderful gp discussed mtx with me, we talked about options for dealing with the nausea, she asked about other problems and sent me off with a script for an anti-nausea med to take a few hours after I take the mtx.

I also saw my counselor for the first time yesterday. I have the feeling it's going to be difficult to work though the problems I want to, but it'll be worth it in the end :). She seems like a really lovely person as well, very easy to talk to. Which is always a plus for a counselor XD.

Pain: arms, shoulders especially (might be more muscle), jaw, ankles, toes, R knee, hips

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  1. Oof- your doc really needs to work on his/her bedside manner! MTX is big in impact but also in side-effects. Good for you for doing research, and keep it up! Are you on the oral form? I only had nausea the first couple weeks on oral. Good luck!