Sunday, 12 February 2012

GF Pizza and a Date

Today I had a nice date with my Husband :).  We went out to one of our favorite restaurants (I think I may have eaten gluten >.> did get some tummy cramps) and went to a travel expo (and played 'who could get the most pamphlets' which of course my poor Husband ended up carrying home ;) ).  We walked along Southbank and talked and talked. It was nice to be out with him, it seems like we've both been so busy lately. It was good to re-connect. Then I made pizza and we watched anime. A wonderful end to a wonderful day with a wonderful spouse!

I made a gluten free pizza today :). I used an all purpose gf flour mix from the grocery store (i'm not quite confidant enough to mix my own) and it turned out pretty well! I used something based off this recipe from Gluten Free Goddess. I did change some things (a whole egg, and the flour) and baked it like I would my typical pizza, but it still came out really lovely! Not quite the crisp pizza I like, but a nice soft dough-y crust that did the trick just fine (and beat Dominos GF pizza out of the water ;) ). Now I just need a good cheese substitute >.>.

Rheumy visit tomorrow, wish me luck!

Pain: Sternum, jaw, arms, R hand especially, R knee, ankles, big toes.

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